The Allied Fishing Groups are a voice for California's  two million recreational anglers

Currently we represent over 40 sport fishing organizations across the state 

Our Mission – To save, protect and restore Northern California’s fisheries and their habitat. We are guided by science and our many years of direct experience in fishery management. Our Steering Committee is comprised of fishery professionals and dedicated anglers. We work with sport fishing business, government and sport fishing organizations to implement practical and lasting solutions to the serious problems facing fisheries and their habitat.

Our Vision - California's fisheries and their habitat are protected, enhanced and properly managed by our state and federal governments with cooperation, engagement and support by the sport fishing public, business communities, sport fishing organizations, family farmers and environmental groups.

Our Challenge - California's fisheries and their habitat are legally required to be protected and enhanced by our state and federal governments, but they have failed to fulfill their role as trustee to properly manage these publicly owned resources. This travesty must be rectified to ensure our fisheries are sustainably managed, especially in the face of continuing drought and changing climate.  We have learned through several decades of working on fishery issues that angler support of our efforts, along with that of the sport fishing public, sport fishing and related business communities, and environmental groups, is critical to ensure the proper management and conservation of our fisheries

Our Areas of Focus
Initial areas

  • The Fisheries of San Francisco Bay Delta Estuary and Tributary River Systems

Future areas 

  • Californian's Coastal River Systems (Russian, Gualala, Elkhorn Slough, Eel etc.) 
  • Pacific Ocean and major bays (Monterey, Arcata, Humboldt, San Francisco, Tomales etc.) 

Major Programs and Accomplishments

  1. Advocating the recovery and restoration of the collapsed Delta ecosystem that includes sufficient fresh water flows to restore its food web and fisheries.
  2. Working to ensure salmon, steelhead, and sturgeon are restored by providing the flows, water temperatures, spawning and rearing habitat, and migration routes to keep them out of the interior Delta and the Delta Pumping Plants. 
  3. Advocating a Striped Bass Recovery and Maintenance Program to be implemented by California Dep. of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW)  to prevent its complete collapse and give the fishery parity with the management plans for salmon and steelhead.
  4. Played an instrumental role in the development of floating net pens to acclimate hatchery salmon smolts in San Pablo Bay instead of releasing them upstream or directly into the Delta to significantly reduce the losses caused by the State and Federal Water Projects.
  5. Supported the efforts of the Black Bass Action Committee and the CDFW to ensure largemouth and smallmouth bass fisheries across the state have appropriate management plans to maintain healthy, self sustaining fisheries. 
  6. Played an instrumental role that stopped state legislation sponsored by water contractors from destroying the striped bass fishery.
  7. Participated in legal action to protect the striped bass fishery and the California Department of Fish & Wildlife from the lawsuit filed by the “Citizens for a Sustainable Delta” (aka water contractors) who wanted to eradicate the fishery.
  8. Actively support the federal Central Valley Project Improvement Act that authorized the doubling of the state’s salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and striped bass in the rivers tributary to the Delta.
  9. Played a critical role in opposing sportfishing regulations sponsored by the Citizens for a Sustainable Delta and the CDFW to allow for a huge increase in angler harvest in a striped bass fishery that has declined more than 90%. The proposed regulations would have destroyed the ability of the fishery to recover from its 40 year population decline.
  10. Supported the listing of runs of salmon, steelhead and sturgeon under the Endangered Species Act that were on the verge of extinction.

Our History - The Allied Fishing Groups were formed in 2007 by a call to bring Sportfishing groups together in an effort to save and restore our rapidly declining fisheries and their habitat in Central Valley Rivers and the Bay-Delta Estuary. Our primary objective is to compel our State and Federal Government to properly address the fishery impacts caused by State and Federal Water Projects and to sustainably manage our extremely valuable fisheries.

To date our work has been accomplished with the help of funding through the Dan Blanton Bulletin Board’s annual Striperfest BBQ and raffle. That effort has brought us a long way and has fought a myriad of efforts by California Water Contractors who would otherwise siphon water, needed to maintain our fisheries, for export to the Southern San Joaquin Valley.

As efforts by the Water Contractors to fight the damage caused by their water exports by blaming our gamefish for the overall decline in ALL fish populations, we need to fight harder at every level of our State and Federal Governments to show that their propaganda is false. We ask for your help when and where you can to continue this effort. Thank you.  

Steering Committee
Mike McKenzie, Chair
John Beuttler, Conservation Director
Dave Ostrach, PhD, Science Advisor
Bobby Barrack
Jim Crenshaw
Jim Cox
Dave Hurley
Don Newman
John Ryzanych
Don Stevens
Dave Studeman

Dan Blanton, Chairman Emeritus

Contact info:

Allied Fishing Groups

1360 Neilson Street
Berkeley, CA

T 510.526.4049